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  • Aiding a Racketeering Conspiracy, Atlanta, GA / U.S. v The Gold Club, Jana Pelnis, etc.; Counsel; Nolle Prosequ

  • Extortion Case, Atlanta, GA / U.S. v Sheriff Richard Lankford; Co-Counsel with George Lawson; Reverse on Appeal

  • Homicide, Atlanta, GA / State v Lewis Joyner; Co-Counsel with Steve Sadow

  • Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, & Possession of a Firearm, Atlanta, GA / State v Billy Moclaire (Bad Cops Case); Co-Counsel with Steve Sadow

  • Homicide of a Police Officer, Jonesboro, GA / State v Candace Overstreet; Co-counsel with Drew Findling

Over the years, I have been charged with underage DUI’s, possession, trafficking, and intent to sell. Barbara worked diligently in and out of the courtroom to ensure that I received the best results possible. Due to Barbara’s relentless actions, all of my cases were dismissed with the exception of my last trafficking and intent to sell offenses. However, because Barbara never took “no” for an answer, those offenses were reduced and I am currently serving probation.

A.D.B., Criminal Defense Client


  • Quadruple Homicide, Atlanta, GA / State v Freeman Salahuddin; Co-counsel with Bruce Harvey and Walter Britt; Order for Directed Verdict

  • Homicide, Atlanta, GA / State v Jim Watson; Co-Counsel with Lee Sexton, Ricky Morris, and Scott Key

  • Homicide, Jackson, GA / State v Jean Long; Co-counsel with Wade Crumbley; Acquittal (Featured on CourtTV and Forensic Files)

  • Homicide, Jonesboro, GA / State vs. Gerald Hall; Co-counsel with Steve Sadow; Nolle Prosequi

  • Homicide, Atlanta, GA / State v Marcus Shaw; Co-counsel with Bruce Harvey; Nolle Prosequi