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As a client of Attorney Barbara G. Moon for the last 5 years, there are not enough words to sufficiently describe what her dedication, skills, and expertise have meant to my custody case. To say that Ms. Moon is an amazing attorney falls short in describing her as a professional. Her awareness of the law and understanding of how the law applies to the intricacies of my very complex and challenging situation are only a small part of what she has brought to my case. 

Ms. Moon is highly professional and dedicated to the clients she agrees to represent. She takes time to learn the facts of the case and to know the client as a person. She makes herself available when needed and places a high value on being prompt in all things. Ms. Moon's attention to detail and preparation for any case-related activities are second to none. The preparation and attention allow her to appropriately and quickly address even the most unexpected situations and events with ease. In my case, Ms. Moon has proven to be highly effective in the courtroom and in the negotiating room.

In and out of the courtroom, Ms. Moon demonstrates a respect for the legal system and for me as a client that is evident on everything she does. Throughout the legal process, she remains focused on the best interests of the client and the best opportunities for attaining a positive result in the case. She has a natural ability to determine what is best for the case in the short and long terms and then take actions as required. Simply said, Ms. Moon has the gift that cannot be taught or easily replicated. And, as a result, Ms. Moon has made the difference in my case. 

Andrea, Custody Case Client


                                                                                      Family Law cases can be extremely emotional and complex.   

                                                                                      Barbara Moon is sensitive to your needs and focused on your

                                                                                      best interests. Barbara ensures that her clients' rights are

                                                                                      protected from start to finish. Barbara's hard hitting approach

                                                                                      and extensive courtroom experience allow her to work effectively

                                                                                      with opposing counsel to reach an agreement that is in your best


                                                                           ​           During such an emotional time, you need Barbara Moon to walk

                                                                                      you through every step of the process. Do not wait. Call today!

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